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Our Inspections will:

•  Ensure the Integrity of all installed Ex equipment leading to Full Asset Integrity

•  Ensure verification of all installed Ex equipment

•  Ensure compliance with all relevant specifications and standards

•  Identify non-compliances

•  Identify potential ignition sources

•  Ensure compliance with HSE & insurance liability requirements

•  Maintain confidence in Ex equipment & systems

•  Create an audit trail for your inspection and maintenance    programme for scrutiny by the HSE and insurance companies.

•  Produce a detailed final report of compliance or measures necessary to comply with all relevant regulations, directives and standards

ATEX, DSEAR, EEHA, IEC Inspection Services

•  Full Hazardous Area Ex Inspections for ATEX compliance

•  Independent Verification of all installed Ex equipment

•  Ensuring compliance with all standards and regulations

•  Compiling Ex Registers, verification dossiers and client databases

•  Hazardous area and Ex equipment training

•  Ex repairs

•  Ex equipment Installation and maintenance

•  Rope access inspections

•  Ex surveys & risk assessments

•  Gap analysis of your current inspection procedures

•  Explosion protection documents

•  Ex Project management


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No one should be allowed to work in a hazardous area unless they have received some degree of hazardous area training and Atex Inspections now provide "ONLINE Hazardous Area Training"

Use the link below for more information.


Atex Hazardous Area Training