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ATEX, DSEAR, EEHA, & IEC compliance service

Atex Inspections Ltd are a leading, international hazardous area inspection company. We have over 45 years experience in the Oil & Gas industry both onshore and offshore and our core business is the inspection and compliance of electrical installations in potentially explosive atmospheres. Through our extensive knowledge and experience we can assist our clients in asset management and the verification and integrity of their Ex equipment and systems.


Following best industry practices, our inspections can provide you with the confidence and assurance that you are complying with all the very latest international standards and meeting your legal obligations. Our knowledge and experience extends to oil refineries, offshore  oil & gas platforms. tunnelling, chemicals, LNG, pharmaceuticals, utilities, water treatment and power generation and we can provide cost effective solutions to Ex inspections with the maximum level of technical support and the minimum level of interruption to process and plant.


We can provide a complete Inspection Management Package supported by Experienced Project managers, Supervisors, Co-ordinators, Data Collection, Document Controllers and all backed up by local agency support from our regional partners.


Our inspections will become an integral part of your Asset Integrity to maintain the asset in a fit-for-purpose condition while helping to extend the expected remaining life in a reliable, safe and cost effective manner. Our inspections will also become an integral part of your Safety Management System to identify hazards and risks, especially potentially explosive risks, and to make sure they are highlighted, controlled and actioned.    


Our successful track record of delivering projects on time and on budget in a safe and reliable manner has enabled us to develop long term, lasting relationships with our clients and our Inspections Strategies and Procedures have been adopted by many of our valued clients. We can deliver industry leading best practices that reflect our vast experience and insight in our core competencies of Ex inspections and compliance.




Atex Inspections Ltd increase their foothold in Asia and The Middle East.


We are proud to announce we now have in place a strategic contract with Orion Group to provide inspection services across the globe. Atex will be providing the qualified, experienced inspection teams and Orion will be using their global network of offices and staff to provide local knowledge and support. This means that no matter where in the world your project is, Europe, Middle East, Asia, Australia, Africa...... in fact, every oil producing country in the world... we've got it covered.





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Inspection completed at Lynemouth Power Station, Northumberland. UK


ATEX have recently completed a full 100% Initial inspection of Lynemouth Power Station in the UK following the recent biomass conversion. The inspection confirmed full ATEX compliance along with a completed Ex register of all ATEX equipment.


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