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ATEX is a European Law that came into force in 2003. It places responsibility on employers to eliminate or control the risks arising from potentially explosive atmospheres and to ensure they are safe places of work for employees. Employers must also be able to demonstrate that the overall explosion protection safety measures have been considered and implemented and must be able to provide evidence of this.

To verify compliance, an inspection is required under IEC 60079-17 (The inspections of electrical installations in hazardous area) and we specialise in these inspections using only COMPEX trained and certified inspectors.


Our ATEX inspections will verify that all installed electrical equipment is certified, fit for purpose and safe to use in the presence of a flammable atmosphere and we will provide written documentation and inspection reports to back this up.


Other actions that must be taken to comply with ATEX include instituting a permit to work system, hazardous area awareness training for all personnel who work in the hazardous areas, providing anti-static clothing, displaying ATEX warning signs, producing an explosion protection document and an Ex register and all these actions will all be outlined in our final report of compliance along with improvement measure if necessary.


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